Gas Plumber

Gas Plumber and Gas Fitter

SCG Plumbing & Gas is a seasoned domestic and commercial plumber and gas service provider with a reputation for professionalism and efficient service. We take pride in our professional and personalised repairs, replacement and maintenance service for every kind of gas appliances.

We have top-of-the-line gas plumbers, who have the ability to solve even the most complicated plumbing or gas appliance issues. All our gas plumbers and gas fitters are experts and provide any kind of gas service, due to their diverse experience and training. On every service, they will show their accuracy in their task they handle and do it in as smoothly as it can be done without any mess.

Whenever you need a trusted and professional gas plumber and gas fitter, Peel area, reach us through a call or email. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will arrive at your place in no time.

Best Quality Residential and Commercial Gas Services

SCG Plumbing & Gas offer quality gas services for both commercial and residential properties. Below is a list of the multiple services we provide.

  • Pipework services
  • Catering equipment
  • Commercial pipework repairs and servicing
  • Commercial boiler repairs and servicing
  • Commercial system repairs and servicing
  • Gas pipelines and appliances leak repairs
  • Gas appliance conversions
  • Gas installation and servicing in a wide range of equipment and application that include new construction, gas fireplaces, gas water heaters, generators, ranges, grills, pool heaters, cookstoves, gas lights, outdoor kitchens and others.

Safety Measures to Follow for Gas Leakage

  • Abandon the premises immediately and contact your gas company
  • Do not light a match, candle or other flame or smoke
  • Never switch on or off electrical devices including light switches
  • Do not start any device or an engine, mobile phone, which can lead to a spark
  • Do not try to control the leakage or repair the damaged meter or pipe yourself

Emergency Gas Services

SCG Plumbing & Gas offers emergency gas pipeline and appliances repair24/7. If you suspect any leakage of gas or need replacement of parts in your equipment using gas, make no delay and call us. We will send our staff right away to your location.

Feel free to give us a call at 0422105381 or send an email at [email protected] to get the job done right.

Plumbing and Gas Service Areas

  • Mandurah & Peel Area
  • Surrounding areas
  • Harvey, Collie
  • Perth CBD